Key Technology & Equipment
Pretreatment Unit
Devices for receiving, crushing, impurity removing, mixing, hydrolysis and heating are used for the pretreatment of livestock manure, silage, kitchen waste, sludge and other organic raw materials.
Anaerobic Digestion Unit
Continuous Stirred-Tank Reactor (CSTR) is adopted. With top-mounted high-efficient mixers which ensure the complete mixing of raw materials and anaerobic bacteria, so that the mass and heat transfer are stable and uniform, and digestion rate and production are greatly improved.
Biogas High-value Utilization Unit
Biogas produced by CSTR is used as fuel for gas generator, boiler, etc., or upgraded to bio-methane by purification devices.
About HEEE

Founded in 1992, HEEE is the domestic industry leader in biogas and bio-methane. HEEE is a High-Tech certificated enterprise specified in designing, constructing and general contracting (Turnkey) of large scale biogas and bio-methane projects, as well as developing and manufacturing equipment for biogas plants. HEEE has designed and constructed more than 200 large and medium-sized biogas plants home and abroad, with the raw materials of organic waste mainly from agricultural, municipal and industrial fields.

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